• PATH STUDIES ARE US!  You supply the coordinates, we will let you know if you have a project!


  • Complete point to point and point to multi-point telemetry designs using a variety of techniques.  If you purchase communication products from PATHTECH, the system design is included at no added cost.  Included are all radio systems needed, antennas and coax, towers (Turnkey Hardware and installation), solar system sizing (hardware and installation included).


  • You will get a complete system design binder before you buy one radio and a documentation book at the completion of the project that documents where each and every radio serial number was installed and how it was performing when the project was turned over to the owner.  A visual map location as well as a Pathloss Study is included in each project proposal that comes from PATHTECH.


  • System Consultation at competitive fees if you have a system, have installed a system or want an independent design before you select a system.  The finished product comes in a three ring binder with all path studies and system design included.


  • Complete COAX kits


  • RF Pigtails using RG 8 and RG 58, fully tested before delivery


  • LMR 400 and 600.  All kits come assembled with quality Times Microwave connectors and are fully tested before delivery.  Call for costs for pre-assembled coax kits in whatever lengths you might need.