Wireless Systems In The Field?  Got Data?  Need To Go Somewhere With It?

        If You want to send data from on place to the next wirelessly, FREEWAVE 900 MHZ spread spectrum data transceivers are a great option.  We can give you a feasibility report AT NO COST if your RTY, EFM, PLC, POC or other data device has a RS232 or RS485 COM PORT.  We work in oil and gas for the most part, but our main product (FREEWAVE DATA RADIOS) works with any data application given you the needed com ports to pass data.  Timing is not an issue, baud rates are as high as 115k.  For many years we have designed systems for water and electric utilities, refinery and other plant operation and DOT applications.  IF it is data, PATHTECH and FREEWAVE can handle the application.




Lan Applications

        BREEZENET Products offer 80211.B Technology.  Need to get your PC data files to the building next door or set up a wireless network within your building?...Call PATHTECH.  We design and install the BREEZENET Systems.


Remote Monitoring

        Bullhorn Remote Monitoring offers access to rectifiers, pipeline leak detection and meter reading where other systems cannot offer results.  It operates on the overhead bandwidth of the cellular system.  Build out of this technology is now widespread.  Monthly costs are as low as $8.50 per month for daily reporting.